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Eye Floaters Natural Remedy
If you have been to your doctor, you probably already know that the only medical solution to eye floaters is surgery - either by burning the floaters with a laser or by draining off the vitreous humor and substituting it with a saline solution. Your doctor has also probably told you that both these procedures carry risks, and health professionals tend to recommend to 'learn to live' with your eye floaters. What most health professionals don't know is that there IS a cure for eye floaters, and it does not involve any surgical procedures or medications. Please note that you should still see a doctor when you first develop eye floaters, as they may be a symptom of another condition, such as a retinal tear.

Once your doctor has confirmed that there is no underlying condition causing eye floaters, then you can follow a natural protocol to cure your eye floaters naturally and faster than you ever thought possible. This protocol involves the use of herbal extracts and a combined dietary and lifestyle change.

Oriental medicine has relied on herbs and their extracts for thousands of years, and now scientific evidence is emerging that is confirming the potency of these herbs. Indeed, many modern drugs are just concentrated forms of substances found in plants, their leaves, or tree bark. Using specific extracts and their solution can help to cure eye floaters.

The eye floaters natural remedy protocol also involves a dietary and lifestyle change. Diet is crucial for treating eye floaters - and just about any medical condition known to man. Your body is amazing in its ability to heal itself, given the right nutrients. For example, you may have already heard about the power of anti-oxidants to combat and heal damage caused by free-radicals (the substances that cause aging, wrinkling of the skin, heart disease, cancer, and are partly responsible for eye floaters). However, did you know that there are hundreds of different types of anti-oxidants, and each is uniquely effective for particular conditions or organ protection? So, for example, lycopene (from tomatoes) is exceptionally powerful in protecting the prostate against cancer. Similarly, lutein and zeaxanthin (e.g. from kale and broccoli) are particularly effective for protecting and enhancing eye health, because they accumulate in the eye. There are also a number of vitamins and minerals that are very effective at healing eye floaters.

In addition, there are a number of lifestyle changes that you should make. For example, you may already know that smoking is bad for you, however, it also causes and aggravates eye floaters and you should seriously consider quitting if you want to cure your eye floaters. Similarly, the position you sleep in at night can make or break your effort in curing eye floaters.

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