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Eye Floaters Prevention II (Physical Damage)
The other aspect of eye floaters prevention, apart from good nutrition, is preventing physical damage. Physical damage can cause eye floaters or exacerbate the condition. Therefore, preventing physical damage to the eyes will help you to stay floaters-free and if you already have eye floaters, will help to prevent from making the condition worse.

The first point is to avoid eye injury, which is probably an obvious recommendation. Injuries to the eyes are one of the main causes of eye floaters, and often these are preventable. If you participate in contact sports, such as martial arts, make sure you wear appropriate protective gear if you do not want to avoid such a sport altogether.

Eye floaters can also be caused as side effects of some medications. Therefore, try not to take strong medications unless you really need them, and make sure you stick to your doctor's recommended dose. Never exceed this dose and never stop or lower the dose without asking your doctor first. Illegal drugs have also be known to cause eye floaters, so this is another reason why you should avoid them.

Another thing that can cause eye floaters is rubbing the eyes. Many people do this when they feel tired and as soon as they wake up. Not only is this useless for shaking off the tiredness, but rubbing the eyes can cause physical damage to the eyes. You may also be rubbing your eyes unconsciously when you are sleeping face down. When we sleep, the eyes will be moving under the eyelids. If you are sleeping face down, this will in effect cause them to rub against the eye lid with forced pressure, which can be harmful.

Smoking can also cause physical damage to the eyes, because reactive substances in smoke 'burn' their way into your eye (not to mention the multitude of damage that smoking does to your overall health). Try to avoid places where there are people smoking, and if you can't help it, make sure you increase your intake of foods rich in anti-oxidants (such as fruits and vegetables). Anti-oxidants help to protect against free radicals in the smoke. Of course there is only so much anti-oxidants can do - hence reiterating the importance of avoiding smoke as much as possible. Harmful substances are also found in exhaust fumes and in many cosmetic products. Be careful when spraying your hair, using antiperspirants and applying perfume. You should do so in a well-ventilated area (not in a closed bathroom!) and do not get the spray into your eyes.

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