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Get Rid Of Eye Floaters
If you suffer from eye floaters, then you know very well how annoying and irritating they can be. They are particularly visible under bright light conditions, and can be very problematic while driving. Eye floaters vary in manifestation - they can be seen as dots, lines or cobwebs, may be dark or semi-transparent, and number from one to hundreds. So, how can you get rid of eye floaters? Basically, you have three options.

Do nothing. It's unfortunate, but most doctors will tell you to learn to live with eye floaters. It is true that you can get used to eye floaters, as the optic nerves adapt to them and start ignoring their presence. However, there is a tendency for eye floaters to increase with age, both in number and in density. Although a small percentage of people report that their floaters went away on their own, most say that floaters just keep getting worse. You may try to ignore them at first, but if they don't get any better, you should consider an alternate option.

The second option is surgery, either laser surgery or vitrectomy. Laser surgery involves the burning up of individual eye floater particles with a YAG laser. This procedure is very specialized, expensive and is associated with a number of risks. Indeed, only a few specialists will carry out this operation. The second type of surgery involves the removal of the vitreous humor (together with any floater particles within it) and replacing it with a saltwater solution. Although this operation is generally effective at treating eye floaters, it carries a high risk of complications, including development of cataracts, eye infections and damage to the retina.

The third, and hands down the best, option is to treat the eye floaters holistically. This involves nutritional and lifestyle modification together with a natural supplementation regimen. There are in fact, many herbal extracts that have been shown to be effective at treating eye floaters, because they rejuvenate the vitreous humor and restore its normal fluidity and shape. In addition, a number of vitamins and nutrients can work directly to repair the damage in the eye. These include vitamin C, which repairs collagen (the protein in the eye - damage to this protein causes eye floaters), and the anti-oxidant lutein, that is accumulated in the eye and protects from damage by free radicals, one of the causes of eye floaters. There are also a number of lifestyle modifications that you should make if you want to get rid of eye floaters once and for all. This may be obvious changes (such as quitting smoking) and not so obvious (e.g. changing your sleep position).

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